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San Diego Air Conditioning & Heating  
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Commercial Refrigeration and Heating Service, Repair and Installation all types:

  •    Ice Machines
  •    Walk in Coolers & Freezers
  •    Reach in Coolers & Freezers
  •    Beer Coolers and much more
  •    All makes and models of heating, air conditioning and commercial refrigeration systems
  •    Computer and Telephone room air conditioning systems repair.
  •    Make recommendations for proper heating and coling systems operation.
  •    Duct repair and modification (leaking and deteriorating).
  •    Authorized warranty repair center for most major brands.
  •    Reclaim and recycle refrigerants.
  •    Heating and cooling System Cleaning.

Indoor Air Quality

  •     Offer several types of indoor air quality products.
  •     Air Purifiers - Remove all airborne dust particles.
  •     Whole House Air Cleaners.
  •     HEPA filter.
  •     Ultra Violet Air Sanitizing systems.
  •     Reduce and destroy bio-containments.
  •     Removal of mold and mildew from system and ducts.

San Diego Air Conditioning and Heating Incorporated was founded as a commercial, residential air conditioning and heating company, including all major appliances. Since our founding the company has grown into a full service dealership offering not only installation, but also service & repair, planned preventive maintenance, engineering, design & build installations and many other capabilities to handle a wide range of commercial and residential heating and air conditioning projects.



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